French Roundel
The Vichy French Military were the armed forces of Vichy France, which was founded in 1940, and it lasted until 1942, when the Germans occupied Vichy France during Operation Anton. The French fought the Allies in North Africa in November 1942, but never saw real conflict before Vichy France was taken over by the Allies in 1944.

History Edit

French soldier 1942

Vichy French soldier in 1942

On June 14, 1940, Nazi forces entered Paris, establishing Vichy France, a puppet regime. The Vichy French army fought the Allies in 1942 when the Allies landed in North Africa, but after less than a week of battle, Francois Darlan, the French commander in North Africa, signed a ceasefire with the Western Allies and the fighting ended. Operation Torch was the only battle with the Western Allies that the Vichy French fought in North Africa. Later on, the Germans occupied Southern France, and the Vichy military was disbanded.