Siege of Isola Vulcano
Part of Italian Front
Date July 8, 1944
Location Isola Vulcano, off of Italy
Result Allied victory
Flag of USA United States Italian Roundel Italy
Commanders and leaders
Captain Mike Terry Paterniano Fisco
Units involved
US 117th Regiment Italian 2nd Regiment
1,200 1,000
Casualties and losses
unknown 359 killed
The Siege of Isola Vulcano was an engagement occurring on July 8, 1944, between the US Army and the Italian Army on the Italian island of Isola Vulcano. The Americans bombarded the holdout island and proceeded to clear the area after some landings.

Battle Edit

Captain Mike Terry of USS Yucatan, an American battleship, spotted an Italian military base on Isola Vulcano while performing a sweep of the Isole Eolie Sea, and reported his findings to SHAEF. The Allied Command ordered Terry to land on the island with some of the US Army troops on board his ship and clear the area, so he sent planes to bombard the small island's tiny fortress. The Italian troops fired back with naval guns, and a firefight began. After two hours, the Italian resistance crumbled and US troops walked ashore, capturing the remnants of the Italian Army on the island.

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