Sidorov Ludvig
Born July 6, 1899
Poznan, Poland
Died March 3, 1941
Moscow, Russia
Affiliation(s) Soviet Roundel Soviet Union (1917-1939)
25px Germany (1939-1941)
Key Conflicts World War II
Key Battles Moscow Incident
Sidorov Ludvig was an old Russian veteran of the Great Purge. He filtered important information to the Nazis, and was assassinated while meeting with high-ranking German officials in Moscow.

Biography Edit

Ludvig was born in Poland, part of the Russian Empire. In 1916, he was conscripted into the Russian Army, and fought the Austrians and Hungarians in the Brusilov Offensive. After the revolution of 1917, he was promoted to Colonel in the Russian Army and pledged his allegiance to the White Army when the Russian Civil War broke out, fighting Josef Stalin's Bolshevik "Red" Army. After the end of the war, he escaped the purges of 1923, and worked as a government official. In 1939, he evaded the Great Purge, yet another series of executions committed by Stalin to clear out his cabinet. When World War II broke out, he filtered sensivite information to the Nazis, although they were allies with Russia, and Adolf Hitler prepared Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. Although the Soviets knew Hitler had a plan, they decided to only focus on terminating Ludvig. While he met with high-ranking German officers, he was shot in the head, getting his brains on a German soldier next to him, but none of the Nazis were harmed and the treaty was still valid, and the threat taken care of.