Rodolfo Graziani
Rodolfo Graziani
Rodolfo Graziani in the 1930s.
Born August 11, 1882
Filettino, Italy
Died January 11, 1955
Rome, Italy
Affiliation(s) Italian Roundel Italy
Rank Governor of Italian East Africa
Final Position General
Key Conflicts Invasion of Abyssinia
World War II
Key Battles Battle of Fort Capuzzo
Battle of Sidi Barrani
Rodolfo Graziani was the Viceroy of Italian Ethiopia, the Governor of Libya, and an Italian general. He commanded the Italian Invasion of Egypt in 1940, and in 1941, he was dismissed by Pietro Badoglio, the Minister of Defense. He became Mussolini's Minister of Defense after 1943, and was tried for treason after the war and sentenced to five years in prison.

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