Operation Poisoned Dart Frog
Part of Pacific War
Date August 2-15, 1945
Location Celebes
Result Allied victory
Dutch Roundel Netherlands
Flag of USA United States
ANZAC Roundel Australia
British Roundel Britain
Flag of Japan Japan
Commanders and leaders
25px Leslie Morshead Hogo Takanawa
135,000 troops 150,000 troops
Casualties and losses
21,000 killed or wounded 50,000 killed/missing
25,000 wounded
75,000 captured
Operation Poisoned Dart Frog was one of the last engagements of the Pacific War, in which Allied soldiers fought the Japanese in the Celebes islands, prewar territories of the Netherlands. The Japanese garrison eventually surrendered, after days of jungle warfare.

Background Edit

The Allies landed in Borneo in early July 1945, and took over most of the island by the start of August. Following the fall of this Japanese stronghold, the Allies planned out the invasion of Borneo. The Australian 5th Army would land in the northern islands, and liberate the cities there. Meanwhile, the Dutch 2nd Armored Division, the US 150th Infantry Division, and the British 17th Infantry Division would land in the southern Celebes and take over the areas there.

Battle Edit

The Australians quickly took over the beachheads in North Celebes, but as the Japanese retreated further inland, the resistance stiffened, and the Australians suffered a heavy toll of losses. Meanwhile, the Dutch tanks were useful in liberating the cities and towns, but their role was negated when the Japanese retreated into the impassible jungles. The Americans and British took over South Celebes, after using flamethrowers to burn the Japanese out of their tropical defensive positions. The natural defenses provided a brilliant asset for Japanese snipers and IJA machine-gunners, and they inflicted heavy casualties on the Americans and British as well. However, by August 11, the Allies from the north and south linked up, and fanned out into the island, taking out the last Japanese airfields and bunkers. On August 15, Hogo Takanawa surrendered the IJA 61st Army to the Allies, ending the operation.