German Invasion of Austria
Part of Interwar Era
Date March 12-15, 1938
Location Austria
Result German victory
Flag of Wehrmacht Germany Flag of Austria Austria
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Wehrmacht Adolf Hitler
Flag of Wehrmacht Johannes Blaskowitz
Flag of Austria Kurt Schuschnigg
Units involved
German 8th Army Austrian Army
80,000-200,000 troops 127,000 troops
Casualties and losses
few, if any few, if any
Operation Otto, also known as the German invasion of Austria or The Anschluss, occured in March 1938 when the Wehrmacht invaded Austria. The Germans took over the country, with little to no casualties.

War Edit

The German 8th Army, led by General Johannes Blaskowitz, invaded Austria in 1938. German tanks rolled into Austria to assist the Wehrmacht, and the Austrian government resigned power to Adolf Hitler. Soon, German troops had taken over the whole country, with no known resistance. Austria became a province of the Third Reich, led by Arthur Seyss-Inquart.