Niemen River Incident
Part of Eastern Front
Schole Harsein
Schole Harsein, before he was assassinated
Date July 6, 1941
Location Niemen River Crossing, Russia
Result Soviet tactical victory
Soviet Roundel Soviet Union Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
Kuloff Makiev Schole Harsein
Units involved
SSU 13th Panzer Division
one sniper 3 soldiers
Casualties and losses
none two killed
The Niemen River Incident was an assassination by the SSU against the Wehrmacht's tank commander Schole Harsein, who led the 13th Panzer Division. Master Kuloff Makiev shot Harsein and a Nazi soldier, before fleeing.

Battle Edit

The USSR sent SSU sniper master Kuloff Makiev to assassinate the head of the 13th Panzer Division, Schole Harsein, who was currently crossing the Niemen River to supervise the advance of the German, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Slovak, and Italian troops into Russia. Harsein was driven past the river in an armored car, with the river crossing guarded by one Nazi soldier. There were four Poland-citizens nearby, non-combatants. The SSU sniper shot the guard in the head, so Harsein left his vehicle, and he was also shot in the head, dying immediately. His death slowed the Axis advance by a few miles, as his tank division's commander was decided.