Makin Raid
Part of Pacific War
Makin Raid
US Marine fires on the Japanese
Date August 17, 1942
Location Makin, Gilbert Islands
Result US victory
Flag of USA United States Flag of Japan Japan
Commanders and leaders
Evans Carlson Koso Abe
Sakai Kanemitsu †
Units involved
Marine Raiders Imperial Japanese Army
211 160
Casualties and losses
28 killed all killed
The Makin Raid was a Marine Raiders night-attack on the Japanese military base at Makin Atoll, with Carlson's Raiders blowing up the supply depot and rescuing the recon team that was captured a few days before in a failed reconaissance operation. The raid embarassed the Japanese, and also revealed that the island's defenses were weak.

Background Edit

The US Marine raiders sent a reconaissance team of four men, led by Private Charles Miller, to Makin Atoll, where they were ordered to gather intelligence on the island's defenses. However, the four of the men were detected and captured by the Imperial Army, and were held in a beach hut on the coast. In response, Evans Carlson, the leader of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, and a force of 10 raiders traveled from the USS Nautilus to Makin Atoll, ordered to free the recon team and damage the base.

Battle Edit

The Raiders assaulted the beach house where K. Pyle and C. Miller were held, and Roebuck killed Officer Kanemitsu before he was about to kill Miller. The other members of the recon team had been executed already, with Pyle's throat being cut open in front of Miller. Miller equipped himself with an M1 Garand and a Type 100, and the primary team assaulted the rest, while the strike team blew up one of the huts and landed on the island. Meanwhile, a third team landed at the opposite side of the island, under attack from some Japanese troops in a watchtower and in coastal bunkers.

The main teams took out the Japanese on the shore, while they headed to the support squad's aid, taking out the watchtower and the IJA troops in the machine-gun bunkers. The American Raiders were ambushed several times by Banzai charges, and many were killed when they were ambushed by Japanese troops who were playing dead near the creek. They proceeded to the gates of the supply depot, using a truck to bash through the gates, and they cut open the oil drum as it tumbled, before setting it alight and causing an explosion that killed several Japanese troops. The Raiders proceeded to plant a bomb in the depot and flee with haste, reaching some pontoon boats and escaping.