Losheim Gap
Part of Central German Front
Losheim Gap
Losheim Gap, 1 March 1945
Date March 1-, 1945
Location Germany
Result Tactical German victory; Strategic Allied victory
French Roundel Free French
Flag of USA United States
Flag of Wehrmacht Wehrmacht
Commanders and leaders
Charles DeGaulle Gerd von Rundstedt
The Losheim Gap was an encirclement created on March 1, 1945, when a German counterattack took the villages of Losheim, Merzig, and Hermeskeil, and later, Bouzonville and Saarlouis. The Allies soon encircled and destroyed the German forces trapped in the gap.

Battle Edit

On March 1, 1944, the Germans counterattacked against the Western Allies in a last-ditch defensive campaign of Germany, capturing three key towns in the Central German Front. This was a short-lived victory, as the Allies closed in to encircle them. The Axis soldiers moved on to take Bouzonville and Saarlouis on March 2, and by 23:23, the Germans had held a good defensive line. The Free French occupied Hermeskeil, and from there, launched the failed Morbach Counterattack, which resulted in the loss of several Allied troops. The Germans, however, were gradually losing ground, and the pocket was completely surrounded by March 3. On that day, the Allies made a huge offensive that shifted the German front line back for hundreds of miles, and all German and SS troops in the gap were vanquished.

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