Losheim-Merzig Offensive
Part of World War II
Losheim Gap
Losheim Gap, March 1, 1945
Date March 1, 1945
Location Central Germany
Result German victory
French Roundel France Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
Charles De Gaulle Walter Model
The Losheim-Merzig Offensive was an offensive by the Wehrmacht against the Free French in the Central German Front. The Free French were pushed back from their defensive positions, forming the Losheim Gap.

Battle Edit

With the French, British, and Americans rapidly gaining ground, the Germans plotted out a counterattack to drive the Allies back into France. Although there was a high risk of defeat due to recent losses of men, the German OKW approved of the attack. Walter Model, commander of Army Group B, was to lead the attack. The Wehrmacht used the last of its tanks on the Western Front and its last artillery in the attack, and pushed the French back. The French were forced out of the town of Losheim and Merzig, and the Germans defended the towns, creating the Losheim Gap. This was the last major German victory of the war.