10th Hitlerjugend Regiment12th Panzergrenader Division1st Lithuanian Brigade
1st Lithuanian SS Division91st SturmbattalionAction of April 3, 1945
Action off Isola VulcanoAlbanian ResistanceAlbert Auptmeister
Alzette Valley OffensiveArmy Group Holland-NordArmy Group I
Army Group LatviaArmy Group SouthwestAugust von Meß
Austrian 1st ArmyAustrian ArmyAutokarabiner Model 1943
Battle of AchelBattle of BraunauBattle of Chauny
Battle of DaunBattle of ElslooBattle of Ettelbruck
Battle of KalmthoutBattle of MaaseikBattle of Mezőtúr
Battle of OranBattle of PlaissanceBattle of Seelow Heights
Battle of St. Germain-sur-SevesBattle of ZemmerCentral German Front
Czechoslovakia FrontDas Reich DivisionEberhard Katzberger
FK-33FK-39Federico Pagalo
Franz SchlechtnachtGeorg AnkenyGerman Invasion of Romania (1940)
Green PoliceGreen policeHaines Bohelert
Heijen-Aachen LineHitler YouthIJA 118th Infantry Regiment
IJA 135th Infantry RegimentIJA 356th DivisionImperial Japanese Army
Italian ArmyIvan PetrovskyIwaju Katsujima
Japanese 60th ArmyJohn HerbertKM1
KM2Kingdom of RumaniaKuloff Makiev
Kurt KotlerLatvian 12th CorpsLatvian 12th Division
Latvian 13th CorpsLatvian 3rd ArmyLazarus Lowe
Liberation of LeskovikLiberation of LwowLithuania
Losheim-Merzig OffensiveLosheim GapMain Page
Makin RaidMorbach CounterattackMorosuke Shibayama
Niemen River IncidentNormandy BreakoutOU Rifle
Odessa FrontOperation AurorOperation Otto
Operation Poisoned Dart FrogOperation Smoke StackOperation Vernichtung
Oskar WittmanOtto AissmannPanzer-Lehr-Regiment 130
Pierre DeValleReich Ministry of SupplyReni-Kiliya Offensive
Rodolfo GrazianiSchole HarseinSecond Battle of Hurtgenwald
Shikazuke HaruyamaSidorov LudvigSiege of Isola Vulcano
Stefan GorchevskyThird Battle of Wake IslandType 53
Vichy French MilitaryWG Type 1WG Type 2
WI Type 1WI Type 2Waffen-SS
WarguberWehrmachtWiki Content
Wilhelm Kautspiel
File:ANZAC Roundel.pngFile:Action off Okinawa.jpegFile:Albanian Resistance.png
File:Arisaka.jpgFile:Battle of Caen.jpgFile:Battle of Ettelbruck.jpg
File:Battle of Hill 262.jpgFile:Battle of Oran.jpgFile:Battle of Seelow.png
File:Battle of St. Germain.jpgFile:Battle of St. Lo.jpgFile:Belgium Front February 26 1945.jpg
File:Belgium Front February 27 1945.jpgFile:Belgium Front March 1 1945.jpgFile:Belgium Front March 3 1945.jpg
File:Belgium Front September 12 1944.jpgFile:British Roundel.jpgFile:Canadian Roundel.png
File:Central German Front March 1 1945.jpgFile:Central German Front March 2 1945.jpgFile:Central German Front March 3 1945.jpg
File:Chinese Roundel.pngFile:Dutch Roundel.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Flag of Austria-Hungary.pngFile:Flag of Austria.pngFile:Flag of Bulgaria.png
File:Flag of Germany.pngFile:Flag of Germany 2.pngFile:Flag of Hitler Youth.png
File:Flag of Hungary.pngFile:Flag of Japan.pngFile:Flag of Romania.png
File:Flag of USA.pngFile:Flag of Vichy France.pngFile:Flag of Waffen-SS.png
File:Flag of Wehrmacht.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:French Roundel.png
File:French soldier 1942.pngFile:Front Lines February 1940 Belgium.jpgFile:German Roundel.jpg
File:German officer.pngFile:German soldier.pngFile:Green Police.jpg
File:IJA.pngFile:IJA 118th.pngFile:IJA 135th.png
File:IJA 356th.pngFile:Italian Roundel.pngFile:Italian soldiers.jpg
File:Japanese Roundel.jpgFile:Japanese officer.pngFile:Japanese soldier.png
File:Japanese soldier 2.pngFile:Japanese uniform 1916.jpgFile:Kuloff Makiev.jpg
File:Kurt Kotler.pngFile:Losheim Gap.pngFile:Losheim Gap March 2.png
File:M1 Garand.pngFile:Makin Raid.jpgFile:Normandy Breakout.jpg
File:Paulie Sindacco.pngFile:Rodolfo Graziani.jpgFile:Romanian Army.jpg
File:SS Panzer Division.pngFile:Schole Harsein.pngFile:Soviet Roundel.jpg
File:Springfield bullet.jpgFile:Type 100.jpgFile:Type 44.jpg
File:Type 99.jpgFile:Type 99 LMG.jpgFile:USA Roundel.png
File:Waffen-SS soldiers.pngFile:Wehrmacht parade.jpgFile:Wiki-background
File:Yeong-kil Kim.png

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