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The Latvian 3rd Army was a Wehrmacht field army that was created in 1941 after the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa. The 3rd Army was made up of Latvian troops that were loyal to the Axis, and was founded after Latvia joined the Axis Powers.

History Edit

The Latvian 3rd Army was founded on June 11th, 1941, made up of the Latvian 12th Corps, Latvian 13th Corps, Latvian 14th Corps, Latvian 12th Division, Latvian 13th Division, Latvian 14th Division, and Latvian 15th Division. The Latvian 3rd Army's first commander was Vladimir Gorowski, who was a General in the Latvian Army. The 3rd Army fought in Operation Barbarossa, against the Soviet Union, alongside the German Army Group Centre. The 3rd Army was merged into Army Group Latvia in 1944, and fought in the Battle of Riga, the Battle of Malta, and Operation Vernichtung, the last of which resulted in the destruction of the 3rd Army. It consisted of 120,000 troops in 1941, and only 35,000 in 1945. The others were either killed, wounded, or captured.

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