M1 Garand

M1 Garand

The Kriegsmachine-2 was a variant of the M1 Garand produced by the Wehrmacht starting in October 1942, which was an upgraded version of the KM1 rifle. It was manufactured by the Warguber company, and was a few centimeters shorter than the KM1.

History Edit

The KM2 was a revamped copy of the KM1 rifle, using WG Type 1 bullets, and was the same as the KM1, except for the length, shortened so that the rate of fire was quicker. The rifle was used by the Wehrmacht from October 21, 1942 onwards, and was mainly used in the North African Campaign, since Germans just copied down the M1 Garand rifles that they captured from US soldiers and made improvements to their stock. The weapon also handled the new WG Type 2 bullet.

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