John Herbert
Born 1927
Affiliation(s) USAF
Rank Sergeant
Key Conflicts World War II
Key Battles Bombing of Germany (POW)
John Herbert was an American soldier who was a member of the USAF. He was famous for killing SS Lieutenant Franz Schlechtnacht in 2008 after he took a child hostage in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Biography Edit

Herbert was born in Rhode Island, and was conscripted into the USAF. He flew a fighter jet in World War II, and in 1944, was shot down by a lone Luftwaffe pilot. He parachuted over Mauthausen, where he was held as a prisoner by Franz Schlechtnacht, a Lieutenant in the Waffen-SS, since the Germans thought that he was a homosexual. Herbert was released after the liberation of Mauthausen, and moved back to Pawtucket, where he lived as a senior citizen.

In 2008, one of the children of his town was abducted by Schlechtnacht, and he wanted revenge. He dressed in his old army uniform, and the two old men fought with their fists, although they were both weak and weary since they were both old. Schlechtnacht died when he fell off his porch and his head hit the pavement, breaking his weak skull and his legs. Herbert lived a regular life, until he died of natural causes.