Ivan Petrovsky
Born August 14, 1902
Moscow, Russian Empire
Died February 7, 1941
Rostov, Soviet Union
Affiliation(s) Soviet Roundel Soviet Union (1923-1939)
Flag of Germany Russian Rebels
Rank Terrorist leader
Final Position Colonel
Key Conflicts World War II
Key Battles Rostov Incident
Ivan Petrovsky was a former veteran of the Great Purge of 1939 who was involved in the Rostov Incident, where he incited riots to destabilize the government. SSU Master Kuloff Makiev assassinated him on February 7, 1941, to stop the rebellion.

 Biography Edit

Petrovsky was born in Moscow, Russia, and was an agent in the Soviet regime of 1923. He fought in the Russian Civil War against the White Army, and was one of the members of the Old Guard. After the Great Purge, he fought to destabilize the communist government and Russia, and began rioting in 1941, and riots broke out in Rostov. Soon, he made plans to begin assassinations and terrorist attacks, but the Soviet government was one step ahead. They sent SSU Master Kuloff Makiev to assassinate him. He was shot in the head while fleeing from a cafe after his assistant and a civilian were shot.

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