Federico Pagalo
Born October 8, 1892
Foggia, Italy
Died January 16, 1949
Rome, Italy
Affiliation(s) Italian Roundel Italy
Rank General
Key Conflicts Italian invasion of Albania
World War II
Key Battles Liberation of Leskovik
Federico Pagalo was a career Italian military commander who was the leader of the Albanian Expeditionary Brigade (Italian 11th Army's 12th Infantry Regiment) during the Balkans Campaign of World War II. Pagalo was captured in 1943 and imprisoned until after the war, and died in Rome.

 Biography Edit

Federico Pagalo was born in the city of Foggia to Pierluigi Pagalo and Maria Andelino, two working-class people. Pagalo was drafted into the Italian Army in 1916 during the Italian Campaign of World War I, and was discharged after service in the Battle of Caporetto, retiring from military life in 1923. However, with the rise of Benito Mussolini, he became a Fascist Blackshirt and a government minister who was the Minister of Land Defense from 1923 to 1931, and commanded troops in the Italian invasion of Albania in 1939, as the commander of the Albanian Expeditionary Brigade, a force of 3,000 Italian and Albanian soldiers. Pagalo was appointed as the military governor over Leskovik in southern Albania, and remained in that post even during the Balkans Campaign of World War II, in which his brigade was on the move in Greece in 1941. Pagalo served in the Battle of Thermopylae in April, during which he faced a large force of the W Force, consisting of Australian and New Zealander troops, with British tanks.

Pagalo commanded the unit until he was captured by the Albanian Resistance in October 1943 after the Italian armistice with the Western Allies, which led to Albanians taking over large portions of their country. Pagalo surrendered after the Leskovic garrison was captured by the resistance, and was held in a prison camp in Carshove, just southwest of the city. Pagalo was released on May 12, 1945, after all German combat operations ceased, and died in peace in Rome.