Action off Isola Vulcano
Part of Italian Front
Date August 12, 1942
Location off Isola Vulcano, Italy
Result Allied victory
Flag of USA United States
Canadian Roundel Canada
Flag of Germany 2 Germany
Commanders and leaders
Captain Mike Flaherty Erich Mansfeld †
3 destroyers 2 battleships
Casualties and losses
USS Edward P. Lowe damaged KMS Kaiser destroyed
The Action of Isola Vulcano was a naval battle between the Kriegsmarine and the US and Canadian Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic, occurring on August 12, 1942 off the coast of Isola Vulcano, Italy. The Allied naval force destroyed one German battleship while USS Edward P. Lowe was damaged.

Battle Edit

USS Edward P. Lowe, captained by Mike Flaherty, spotted two German battleships off the coast of Isola Vulcano and requested reinforcements, preparing to engage the enemy fleet. HMCS Rutherford of the Canadian Navy and USS Brunner arrived as backup. The Allied naval squadron attacked on August 12, a day after intercepting the Kriegsmarine battleships. USS Edward P. Lowe was critically damaged by naval gunfire from KMS Frank, which acted as KMS Kaiser's auxilliary, as it was the first to engage in the battle. Captain Ernest Lupermann of KMS Frank ordered his boat to retreat after KMS Kaiser's commanding officer Erich Mansfeld broadcasted a warning to KMS Frank's bridge crew, saying that his ship was about to be destroyed when he saw a rocket hurtling towards the bow. Indeed, his ship was rammed by the rocket, and his battleship began to take waves of water into the hull. His ship slowly sunk into the sea, and he was killed when he drowned. The KMS Kaiser exploded a few days later under the water, while KMS Frank made it to La Spezia Naval Yard safely.

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